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More About Bruce

Some of my personal interests and hobbies

I am not your typical person; I like to try new things... been a cowboy, construction worker, biker and security officer. I'm also of Cherokee descent, so got the Village People covered!

I have quite a large number of interests, as everything about life interest me. Here are a few of them, some from the old days when life was good, to some modern stuff. Intermixed is a few more personal details about the things I enjoy in life.

Bruce on Gold Wing

Motorcycling for 42 years
I've owned just about every kind of bike made, my first being a Honda CB-360T. Getting older, I am favoring the Gold Wing for general use, but still love my '87 Harley FXST/C softtail. It's a classic from a time long past.
And yeah, I like leather. The modern synthetics just don't compare.

Science Fiction
Avid Sci-Fi buff from the Fireball XL-5 days of the 1960s, Stingray and moving on up through Lost in Space, classic Star Trek, Doctor Who and into the more modern series like Babylon 5, Firefly and the Stargate franchises. I have always loved the old Sci-Fi because it stimulated the mind, new ideas and unimagined lands. Sorry to see the way it has gone, being basically "horror" these days.

Fireball XL-5
Chariot (Lost in Space)

The Chariot
My all-time favorite mode of transportation... the Chariot from Lost in Space. Built on a Thiokol Snowcat Spryte, it could handle any kind of terrain and was amphibious and able to cross oceans. Solar powered and unstoppable. I still love it; never figured out why!

Cowboy Days
Back around the turn of the century, I bought 105 acres of land in a remote region of Wyoming and started to build my own ranch. One of the better times of my life, being 30 miles from other people... total peace, quiet and a night sky that was so beautiful that it is nearly impossible to describe.
Had to sell the ranch back in 2009 to pay doctors, paramedics and a hospital for a trip to the ER and surgery. No insurance, so that one was tough to recover from... pretty much lost everything and had to start my life over again from scratch.

Wyoming Rancher
Dixie Trek

Star Trek
Me in my VERY young days in the "red shirt" with Jimmy Doohan ("Scotty", 1920-2005) at Dixie Trek in Atlanta, unveiling the "Helm-Nav console" the USS Republic had built for the event. He was one heck of a nice guy and I'm sure the entire Science Fiction community will always miss him.

Push the Button, Max!
Without doubt, my favorite comedy of all time, The Great Race, with the world's most evil villan (and my personal hero), Professor Fate (Jack Lemmon) and his henchman, Max (Peter Falk). A brilliant work by Blake Edwards that will last for centuries.

Push the Button, Max!
Valley of Blue Moon

Lost Horizon
James Hilton's classic film of the remote lamasary of Shangri-la, tucked away in the Valley of Blue Moon in the Himalayas. This film, the 1973 musical, has been a huge inspiration and motivating force for my life, with its simple virtues of kindness and compassion.

Most people Don't Mess with THIS Guard
I've always enjoyed doing corporate and convention security work and I am darn good at it. I find it fun to "mess with people's minds" by using stereotypical imagery, such as this combination biker/security guard that is quite effective at things like Comic Con and Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions. It's that "Mad Max" look that gets them every time--people will stop fighting and put on fake smiles just when I walk up to them! You can almost see in their minds, "Please don't kill me!!!"
Not seen, T-shirt that says, "Kill 'em all, Let God sort 'em out."

Guard Duty
Due Up

Duck Dodgers in the 24½ Century!
Starting from where we are, we go 33,600 turbo miles due up. Then west in an astro-arc deviation to here, then following the great circle seven radiolubes south by downeast. By astro-astroble to here, here, and here, then by space navigo-compass to here, here, and then to here and here. By thirteen point strato-cumulus bearing four million light-years, and thus to our destination.

Construction Worker
When I bought my land in Wyoming, it did not take long to figure out the dirt was harder than concrete, so I became a heavy equipment operator to make life easier. I'm quite an expert on a backhoe/loader (own a CAT 416C) and made a good living helping out the local ranches with excavation issues, road grading, pipeline trenching and the occasion sewer system installation--though probably not as good as Ed Norton.


That, Sir, is Illogical.
Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) from Classic Star Trek was my childhood role model. Being empathic from birth (part of being Aquarius) tends to lead towards autism, though they did not know what that was in my youth. One has problems with socializing because it is difficult to distinguish the emotions of others from your own. Mr. Spock and his Vulcan philosophy was a life saver for me... by redirecting that autistic empathy towards logic, computers and electronics, I became quite the industrial success, right at the onset of the Information Age. Still quite the "whiz kid" when it comes to computers.